We are specialists in international repatriations that we provide globally. With great dedication we organize the international repatriation process of the deceased for families, embassies, assistance companies and fellow undertakers; besides, we offer modern funeral services to meet various needs of our clients from around the world.
We transport the deceased from Europe to Croatia, organize the transport of the deceased to Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia and carry out international repatriation of the deceased from Southeast Europe and the Balkans around the world at the best possible price for the service.

Princivali company started operations on March 2, 1981. in Trogir as a flower shop Hrvojka to eventually grow into a family business - funeral company Hrvojka. For years we have been organizing transportation of the deceased from abroad to Croatia and from Croatia and Southeast Europe abroad under the name Princivali - International Transport of the Deceased.

Over time, we have gained many partners and friends throughout Europe and the world who help us do our job quickly and professionally - foreign funeral companies, insurance companies, assistance companies, embassies and families from Croatia and abroad have recognized our expertise and professionalism and choose us for a reliable partner in the most difficult moments.
As a family company, we offer a personalized service and strive to make it as easy as possible for clients to repatriate the deceased, which can often be very complicated. We are the ones who know what and how to do it, whom to contact, what documentation to obtain, how to most conveniently and most quickly organize the transport of the deceased to the place of burial.

At times when you need it most, the professional staff of the International Funeral Services Princivali will provide you with a caring hand, support and recommendation on how to proceed to transport the deceased back home, and offer professional, quick and accurate answers to all your questions. We have solved some of the most famous and complicated cases in this area, and our experience is our greatest strength.

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Why choose the International Funeral Services Princivali?

  • Since 1993, we have been successfully cooperating with embassies and consulates of the Republic of Croatia and foreign countries, insurance companies, assistance companies and fellow undertakers throughout Europe and the world.
  • Our company PRINCIVAL REPATRIATION is a member of the European Federation of Funeral Services EFFS and the World Organization of Funeral Operatives FIAT-IFTA. transporting the deceased from abroad to Croatia and from Croatia and the region abroad.
  • Naša tvrtka PRINCIVALI REPATRIATION je članica Europske federacije za pogrebne tvrtke EFFS i Svjetske asocijacije za pogrebne usluge FIAT-IFTA.
  • We are the only company in Croatia that has internationally trained workers at a prestigious university in the United Kingdom for body care and embalming.
  • We are able to arrange the transport of the coffin with the body of the deceased from and to any destination in the world in a very short time.
  • We have partners who enable us to perform the necessary documentation and transport of the deceased faster and more conveniently.
  • We own modern vehicles and professional drivers.
  • We have organized a 24/7 support for all your inquiries.
  • We organize international repatriation of the deceased from Southeast Europe: Croatia, Slovenia, BiH, Serbia, Northern Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania
  • Our mission is to help other people in need. Contact us and we will be happy to help you; of course, the advice is always free and available at all times.
What to do in case of death of a close person? abroad, in Croatia, in Southeast Europe?
  • Contact us by e-mail, phone or send us a message via WhatsApp, Viber or Messenger and request an offer.
  • Give us a power of attorney for the international transport of the deceased.
  • Follow the instructions of our professional staff.