A large number of Croats have always lived abroad, so it is assumed that at least as many Croats live in the diaspora as in Croatia
International transport of the deceased can be a complicated process, but we do it every day and we are taught to deal with such situations quickly and to solve all the complications and formalities.
We are employing experienced professionals and working with us is easy and comfortable. Contact us with confidence! Our experience is our greatest strength.

Transport of the deceased to Croatia

We organize the transport of the deceased from abroad to Croatia and arrange:
– for the permits from Croatian offices
– for the foreign documents in the country where the death occurred
– permits issued by the embassy for the transport of the deceased and urns
– translation of documents
– road and air transport of the deceased and urns
– all the necessary customs and sanitary procedures

Transport of the deceased abroad

We repatriate and organize the transport of the deceased from Croatia and the Balkans to other European countries and also arrange:
– funeral service for insurance and assistance companies in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina
– all the necessary formalities with the offices for the transport of the deceased and repatriation
– activities required for the transport of the deceased (embalming, coffins, air filters, etc.
– cooperation with embassies and consulates

You can contact our company the International Funeral Services Princivali at any time in order to find out all the details in one place and ensure fast and affordable transport of the deceased by road or by air from any country in Europe and the world, to any city in Croatia.
The transport of a deceased person from abroad requires a professional company with experience in international funeral services, and that's exactly the International Funeral Services Princivali.

We cooperate with funeral services from Croatia, Europe and from all over the world; we also provide free assistance and all the necessary information to Croats abroad about the return of the deceased to their homeland. Together with our partners, we can offer you fair and competitive prices for the transport of the deceased to all parts of Croatia from Dubrovnik, Vukovar, Rijeka, Zagreb, Imotski or Split. Contact us and we will do our best to justify your trust. We will send you our complete offer with all the details very soon.

Our experience is a guarantee that we will help you in difficult times and that the transport of the deceased to Croatia will be done quickly and professionally. Over the years, we have been transporting our deceased fellow countrymen from Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia, Belgium, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Serbia. We have arranged the return of the deceased back home from the USA, China, Russia, Australia, Canada, Egypt, Nigeria… we have also organized the transport of deceased foreign nationals to their homes around the world.

What to do in the event of a death abroad?

Contact us, either by phone or sending a message and follow our instructions.

• We will need information such as: name and surname of the deceased, place of death, place of burial, information about the family and their contacts

• Follow our instructions regarding the transport of the deceased or cremation and return of the deceased back home; we will be happy to advise you, free of charge.
• Learn what it takes to register and certify the necessary documents for reporting a death abroad and how to get a delivery note for the deceased and a death certificate

• Give us a power of attorney to pick up the deceased and arrange for the body to be transported back home
• The transport can be arranged by road or by plane. We also organize cremation services in the country where the loved one died, in which case the cost of returning the deceased back home is significantly reduced.
• Thanks to our experience, we are able to provide you with affordable and low-cost service of transporting the deceased from abroad, which is sometimes completely free of charge in cooperation with insurance companies.

When a person dies in a foreign country, it is necessary to hire a reliable, verified and experienced company for international funeral services and transportation of the deceased, such as the International Funeral Services Princivali, as we can help you to organize the transport of the deceased from abroad to all parts of Croatia, or from Croatia abroad. Trust in our professionalism and responsibility.